I try to convey the sense of being alone in a landscape yet simultaneously the sensation of oneness with the surroundings. I focus on sparse landscapes and detailed abstract forms resulting in a new way of seeing a calm and simple beauty. Ultimately I aim for a form of aesthetic escapism.

I draw influence from the photographer’s Wolfgang Tillmans, Stephen Shore, William Eggleston, Phillip-Lorca di Corcia and also from the paintings of Pollack and Cy Twombly.

I enhance my, generally untouched, images by printing onto canvas or heavyweight textured paper and by then either using oil paint or thread I work to strengthen line and contrast whilst also adding a further textural element and individuality.

My style draws upon children’s book illustration from the 50's 60's and 70's. The work is made by cutting sections out of thin card, layering them, allowing each consecutive layer to show through.

My aim is to produce work that is ambiguous, yet evocative, leaving space for the viewer to form their own conclusions.

When exhibiting with my wife we often create a story and hang the work in sequential order alongside narrative sections to create a more integrated role between the artwork and the viewer.

The models are sculpted from polystyrene and mixed media materials, and then covered in air drying clay. I draw influence from the sculptors Giles Penny and Philip Jackson, for their representation of the human form, often in quirky humorous ways. Within my naturalistic themes the solitary everyman is often portrayed with his eyes closed as though in sleepy contemplation or with a menagerie of animals in playful interaction.

Recently I have started making the models on a larger scale using resin intended for an outdoor setting.

I have also begun working in ceramics making slab built and slip cast pieces using refined shapes to create simple striking forms.

I studied illustration at the University of Wolverhampton graduating in 2000.

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